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We are bringing innovations in the areas of :
revolutionary predictive maintenance

Our device would be monitoring the sounds and other parameters of the machine and would use probabilistic methods to determine the risk of an outage of each individual device. That would revolutionize the meaning of the predictive maintenance – instead of using statistical methods, it would be individualized monitoring.

Real-time mechanical issue detection

Neuron soundware is an innovative digitization and analytic platform that enables manufacturers to check their critical machinery using sound it makes. The integrated hardware and software platform automatically gathers sound of machines in real time and continuously assess the equipment health.

remote equipment diagnostics

The lack of a preventive maintenance increases the risk of costly unplanned downtime. The existing old and even modern computer-controlled equipment doesn’t provide effective monitoring of mechanical malfunctions. In industry, sound and vibration seem to be the simplest method of diagnostics of mechanical malfunction.

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About our technology

We use artificial intelligence methods to gain understanding of audio signals.

Neuron soundware has developed a diagnostic technology which provides an early detection of broken machines. Humans are frequently used during the quality controls of air-conditioning, gearbox, etc. A sound of the car engine indicate the root of issue to the serviceman. We can automate the analysis using our digital brain, which emulates auditory cortex.

Neuron soundware technology focuses on the early detection and prediction of mechanical malfunction of machinery in manufacturing industry. The unique pre-processing of the input data via complex physical sensor model allows neural network to learn and identify the important features quickly with high confidence.

  • Accuracy

    We can indentify the mechanical issues using a few seconds of the sound with more than 99.95% accuracy.

  • Large data set

    We have processed 1.5 TB of training audio data for one of our client.

  • Our customers

    We are proud that all customers stay with us. Unfortunately their lawyers like NDA.

How it all works?

Industry 4.0 solution - Make your factory smart using our IoT devices
Neuron soundware technology works offline and online and can be integrated into existing software or third party IoT platforms. This effectively transforms energy use into knowledge and actions. Sound and vibration sensors (microphones) can be quickly and cheaply installed on all types of machinery, enabling legacy equipment to be digitised without expensive upgrades.

Relatively cheap device would be monitoring the sounds and other parameters of the machine/engine and would use probabilistic methods to determine the risk of an outage of each individual device.

Our Founding Team

Pavel Konečný
Pavel Konečný
One of the most innovative person in the team – bringing new ideas every day.His colleagues were frequently asking, why didn’t you start your own business? The last ten years, he was giving the same answer: “I am waiting for computers to be powerful. So the artificial intelligence development can be done effectively.” So that time is finally here.
Pavel Klinger
Pavel Klinger
This project allows Pavel to combine his best knowledges – computer science and art hobbies (music, movies). He can use his exceptional mathematical and programming talent. His creativity is also expressed via his hobby in music – front man of folk music group. He believes that we are close to explore the source of human brain creativity. And he wants to be part of it.
Our team consist of dedicated experts with PhD of machine learning, Masters in Physics & Biomedical science and experiences from the area of Genetic research who have developed a unique way of processing the sound. We spent years of intensive work and hundred thousand EURs in supercomputers in the cloud to develop our technology.

In June 2016, Neuron soundware was selected as the best startup idea in the competiton Idea of the Year. We piloted the technology using a lot of different data-sets. Now we are working on the first commercial applications.

We are continuously improving our algorithm and working with our clients such as Deutsche Bahn to revolutionary predictive maintenance of mechanical malfunction. Make it individual, real-time and perfectly accurate.

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